I Met the Devil and I Was Shookt

For 19 years, I have always asked myself this question, “who is the most evil person in this world?” Well, some might say Hitler, Ferdinand Marcos, or some other politician. But, I thought I will never meet the most evil person in this world. But, as one matures, there will always be a Hitler in their life–though not literally. I think that is part of life that one must at least meet a person who symbolizes the evils that came out of Pandora’s box or the snake that tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the tree. Unfortunately, I got a ticket to meet-and-greet Satan’s worse enemy in hell.

This person was Satan’s nemesis in who is rightful to be named “Prince of Darkness.” The name of this demon is Nidakezzar. When God banished Lucifer to the abyss, Nidakezzar was one of banished angels. However, Nidakezzar was smart enough to outsmart God by secretly raising alliances with the fallen angels. When the fallen angels started to regroup in the deep abyss, there a dispute. Who shall rule hell? The fallen angels voted Nidakezzar, but some of Lucifer’s loyal allies strongly went against Nidakezzar. After convincing everyone that Lucifer should be Prince of Darkness because he lead the insurgency against God, Nidakezzar was left out. But, he found more power on earth than in hell. In a race between evil and evil, he and Lucifer are only a competition on who corrupts most humans. With Lucifer ruling hell–to be specific, the seven circles of hell–his time is divided. That’s where Nidakezzar’s advantage lies. Legends say that Nidakezzar manifests his presence in the mortal realm in the form of a woman because he believed that men can be easily tempted by women.

According to the Book of Demons, Nidakezzar releases a scent that charms people. This scent slowly manipulates the people who subconsciously worships him. This scent was said to smell like flowers. But when released from her illusion, it smells like rotten eggs or decaying flesh. Another of Nidakezzar’s powers is false appearance. Many spiritists believe that this is his strongest power. This power conceals her true appearance. That is why he can turn in a woman. When the exorcists discovered this ability, the strongest exorcists of the 16th century wrote a prayer in Latin that would impair this ability. The prayer was not strong enough to disable it. What the prayer did was that survivors of Nidakezzar’s charm would release them from her false appearance. Once released from the charm, the person would see the real demonic form of Nidakezzar.

Unknowingly, I met Nidakezzar in the form of a woman. It was said that evil takes the form of good things. True. That is the strategy of Nidakezzar. When I met him in false form, I though he was the best person I would like to get along with. Nidakezzar appeared like a good person to me. But, one could not hide true colors for long. My eyes were released from the illusion. I then saw a creature of horror in front of me: a monster with two horns, eyes that glows like fire, sharp fangs, claws with sharp and pointy nails, and a tail that could pierce through walls. When I was released from her illusion, I remained resilient and acted like I was still under the demonic spell.

Once released from his chains, I could see her around. I could feel her aura a mile away. When she walks around, what everyone sees is a person. But for me, I see a demon. His steps corrupt the land. The brown soil turned black. The green grass dried up and turned black. The leaves of the tree fell off the branches and dissolved into a dust as the wind blew. What was left was a lifeless tree.

Every time I see Nidakezzar, I pray to God for protection and strength. I may not have the Latin prayers to fight him, but I have immunity from his charm. Now, I see a demon corrupting other people. I pity them.

***this is purely fictional***



No Choice

Probably, almost all students had problems with teachers. I have this teacher of mine who wants to appear organized in class, but fails to do so. She’s a blabbering idiot who speaks about being organized while she herself is a hypocrite of some sort.

What made me so angry was her expectation from the students. As students, we follow instructions (i.e. answer the selected questions etc.) The instruction was to answer selected problems in the book. Taught since first grade that students should follow instructions, we did so. But, to my surprise, she was even disappointed when she discussed a problem not included in the selected set of problems to be answered. She even argued that we as students should answer the unassigned problems for our own enrichment.

True, I definitely agree. But by doing so, we are doing beyond what is required. In fact, it is considered a waste of time. Next time, she should be firm so that the students will look up to her. But, she expects highly of every student as if we are working like clockwork–without stop. I may sound like a complaining student but I would beg to differ.

Yes, we have a heavy load this semester. But, teachers should also do their part like schedule the exams, assign problems to be answered, and make sure that everything is planned out all through out the semester. By doing so, you could’ve appeared (at least in appearance) an organized teacher. I had this one teacher once. He was exactly what I’d like to become. When he declares something, he would mean it even though circumstances has changed. He would not give short notices because on his part, short notices are really a headache.

My only request is that my other teacher (the subject of my anger tonight) should be firm and decisive with her actions. If she decides to let the students answer only selected problems, she should not assume and expect that students will answer the unassigned problems. After all, we are not psychics who can read minds. How would we know that we should do this if not instructed?

I would argue with you, really. But, it would be a waste of time spitting words in your face. After all, I have no choice.

(wrote this in 15 minutes)



Defamation: Just an opinion

It’s offending to hear that by insulting someone can be considered as simple as being “opinionated” or “assertive.”

Defaming or insulting someone is not being opinionated. An opinion, defined as “the view somebody takes about an issue,” requires diligence in choosing the right words to convey the right meaning. Being opinionated means “the lack of willingness to change strongly held views.”

Now, telling someone that he/she is “unintelligent” is not being opinionated. It is an insult to a person. It tantamounts to destroying one’s reputation. It is not, by all means, being opinionated. Let us all remember that opinion is personal take on a certain issue, not a personal attack. Attacking is different from giving a stance towards an issue. It is disheartening. That by destroying one’s reputation, one exercises his/her right to express personal opinion.