Hibalag in Pixels

Hibalag in Pixels

In the full HD resolution of Hibalag, people see booths, tattoo artists, food stalls and guest bands. The lights seem pixelated in the dark like colored circles in the dim skies. In the melodic noise, partygoers hear it as the eternal sound of party music and groove. The colored lights reveal the smoke from the grills. Blenders rasp as a customer orders his/her favorite shake. Teeth grind as the people enjoy their corn in a stick. Every sip, burp, and gulp are heard. The library mocks as the sound bounces to the walls of Silliman Library, producing an echo of notes and beats. The booths are set on fire by the red and yellow lights from the stage. Drizzles fall like reminders of incoming rain, but people still continue to enjoy every inch of the Hibalag. Everyone crazes about the Miss Silliman pageant. The fire ignites once again as the colleges fight for the Cheerdance competition. Students raid in the student dorms as the dormers open their rooms for the open house. Food is everywhere, and so are visitors. Shouts echo from AH as the students continue to scare the patrons who enter the Horror chamber. Little did they know that something more spooky and daunting lurk between the halls of Katipunan. This is Hibalag, just a beautiful speck of Silliman’s 114 years.

My views about Hibalag changed this year. Last year, I’ve seen it as a festival full of surprises, color, and fun. I was attracted by the lively lights dancing as the beat drops. I’ve seen Hibalag in that way last year. But now, I’d like to see Hibalag in pixels. The word “pixel” is actually an abbreviated form of “picture element.” Pixels are tiny colored dots that represents a certain color. Zooming out, we see a picture, not pixels. I’ve always seen the full picture of Hibalag: decorated booths, dancing lights, booming speakers and appetizing aromas of food etc. However, I see Hibalag differently now. I like to see it in a way that the smallest things that are unseen should be the one to be given the loudest applause. Have you ever thought of the organizing committee behind all this? Would this event be possible without them? You probably would’ve thought about that. People don’t praise the people behind the curtains. Their focus is VJ Chino’s appearance or Hale’s opening performance. The people hiding behind the curtains deserves to be applauded. Remember, there’s no house without a carpenter.

Did you try the delicious food sold in Hibalag? I bet you do. You probably threw the wrapper on the grass thinking that no one is looking. Have you ever thought of the maintenance personnel picking up that trash for you? Every speck of something contributes to our appreciation of Hibalag. Like invisible beings, people don’t see these maintenance personnel roaming around the Ravello field. I did ignore them as if I’ve never seen a real person. Just imagine Hibalag without them. Instead of becoming a “Wonderland”, it will become a “wasteland.” Anyways, you might want to pick up your own trash. We are grown-ups, matured citizens. Let’s be sensitive enough.

Have you thought of the hard work of the different organizations in building those booths? Before, I looked at them as if they were easily made. I then realize that building a booth is the most strenuous thing to do. Even an ounce of praise can cause an overflow of joy to the hearts of these hard working organizations.

Dorms welcomed a lot of visitors during the open house. People chew and drink food. Boys, girls, alumni, and faculty goes back and forth to see the rooms of the dormers. But, have you thought of the great effort these dormers exerted just to make their rooms beautiful? They’re literally broke. Just take into consideration the food they’re serving the visitors. Those foods were expensive. Have you thought about that? Or did you just get in the room and eat all the food you can consume?

One article is not enough to say everything. As for me, seeing the pixels of the picture gives more emphasis to the effort of the artist. Every color has a meaning. Every color has a role to the bigger picture. Every smidgen of help can build a mansion. Even a small amount of appreciation to the people behind Hibalag’s success can be the best reward.

Hibalag is one of the highlights of Silliman University’s Founders Celebration. It is held every August and lasts for a week. The said event dates back since 1950. The name was derived from a Visayan term which means “to come together.” 



Hidden Files: Accounting Myths

Hidden Files: Accounting Myths

Accountant: noun; refers to a person who does tax filing, who wears old-fashioned clothes, who walks with clacking and pointy shoes, and who does not mingle with other people. An accountant is today’s manifestation of the Men (and Women) in Black, dealing with complicated stuff like bookkeeping, taxation and auditing. As it may seem to be, accountants are branded and compared to a cellphone’s sound profile—all alerts off. “Highly intellectual”, “reserved” and “critical” are some the expected views about accountants. Accountants are the heirs of Fibonacci’s and Euler’s mathematical ingenuity. Complex math problems won’t bother them. However, do you think you’ve got them all figured out? No, you don’t. But fret no more! Here are six popular notions about accountants. See if you can relate to these myths that will change your views forever.

We are not accustomed in fashion. Old men’s pointy shoes, long sleeves, a golden watch, and a Jose Rizal hairstyle are some of the things that most people describe to an accountant’s sense of fashion. As hilarious as it may sound, they also speak Prada. Female accountants feel like hitting the runway wearing a Narciso Rodriguez coat and a Chanel bag. What could be more astounding if partnered with shoes like Jimmy Choos? Since offices are air-conditioned, a Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein eau de parfum scents will really give your office an instant air freshener. Accountants are also fashionable. They also know the latest trends of the fashion world.

We are not good at socializing. Accountants are the best talkers when it comes to business deals and loan application. Companies would lose large amounts of money without accountants. Who will do the bargaining in signing up for loans? Sending staff accountants will only lead to disaster. They might end up signing a contract that stockholders are liable to pay if the corporation can’t. Why not send accountants instead? They’ve got more guts, more bargaining power and more wit to outsmart bank tellers.

We are old-fashioned. Accountants are also acquainted with technology. If you think they cocoon themselves in the corner with their lovely abacus for calculating, then think again! With the birth of cloud accounting to speed up the processing of accounting and business information, accountants make use of these pieces of technology to reduce human error and give accountants more time to relax.

Our job is boring. Can one call it a boring job if the company will provide you a phone, a car and a cozy office plus a personal secretary? It would be tastier if the company offers free food to its employees. Paid business trips, personal allowance and an assistant are some of the benefits that companies give to accountants. Thus, does it still call for a boring job?

We do algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry and all kinds of –try in mathematics. I can hear CPAs laughing right now. Is debiting the value of x raised to 3 divided by its reciprocal equal to its book value? Accountants will laugh at that question. Accountants don’t mess with algebra. In accounting, there will be no x finding y.

We only do simple addition and subtraction. Saying “accounting is just simple addition and subtraction” will send you the nearest funeral parlor. In reality, accounting requires pure analysis and application of the rules and principles. Analysis of financial statements and business status is necessary for decision making. Respect accountants because their job is not easy.

Still frightened or enlightened? The job is hard but rewarding. Hard work will pay off in the future. As an accounting student, I testify to all of these myths. Let us not categorize accountants by judging the way they act or socialize. It’s just that business is very crucial that it needs serious people to deal with its goals.

Six myths about accountants have been demystified. These myths branded accountants into something they aren’t. Known as very organized individuals, accountants also have their own creative expression of life. After all, being an accountant entitles one to a distinct career path; a career path that restraints them from other earthly desires. Nevertheless, one’s worth is not defined by his or her actions but on how he or she deals with life’s challenges.