It’s you, not me

Dear Bitch,

I couldn’t find a worser [sic intended] name for you. I don’t know. It suits you well. You’ve mastered the art of turning people against someone just to achieve your personal motive. I salute you for that.

In the first place, you’re the one who painted it. You’re the one who broke the vase. And, what did you do? You put the blame on someone else and that’s me. Yes, I know you’re lurking in the shadows. A mole in my garden. A rat in my rice field. I know you’re there.

In case you don’t know, you’ve been monitoring me with your select few. The key to good eavesdropping is not getting caught, Lemony Snicket once said. I know you’re still on the lookout for me, finding a loophole or a discrepancy so that you can destroy me for the nth time.

I’ll leave at that. I don’t care if you lurk behind my back. That’s your nature, dear. It’s inborn. You’re meant for this kind of role. You’re too good to be true, I said at first. But when you start to dislike a person, you’ll start a fire. You’re like Cersei Lannister, but dumber and more stupid. Cersei is cunning, and so are you. But, Cersei won’t hide under Tywin Lannister’s back when the situation backfires.

Wow, you’ve reached this part already, bitch. You’re starting to think that this is all about you. How predictable. That’s your trade. Everything is all about you. You think that this is all about you. Question, are you the only person in this world? Do you see your name? No and no. So assume if you may. But, CPA board exam instructions states, “don’t assume unless otherwise stated.”

I’ve been a victim of that most of the time just so you know. I assume though not stated, and that assumption is wrong, thus a wrong answer. I failed those exams though. Don’t be me because I am me and you’re a bitch (Haha, I am laughing). Do what you’re good at. Be a parasite in people’s lives. That’s your trade.

You’re quite a reader, huh? Of course, when it comes to gossip, you’re top one. So here you are, making interpretations of my writings. Interpret if you like. As I said, I don’t care. I already moved on. “But why are you writing this?” you said to yourself. Well, I just want to put into words my thoughts and how I felt. To immortalize, perhaps, because I would forget the heat our extraordinary affair in 3-4 years.

I’m done. I guess you’re preparing a status update. Or a tweet, yes. I would not see those updates, Facebook or Twitter. If you have a blog, I won’t see your post. But I’m not preventing you to do so. You could even call your army of skanks whom you’ve managed to turn against me. Well, you’re not important in my life. I won’t need you in my Advanced Accounting class. And I don’t see nor read your posts because I don’t need to see garbage in my house.

Hope your tweet or status update is witty.

The bad guy,



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