No Choice

Probably, almost all students had problems with teachers. I have this teacher of mine who wants to appear organized in class, but fails to do so. She’s a blabbering idiot who speaks about being organized while she herself is a hypocrite of some sort.

What made me so angry was her expectation from the students. As students, we follow instructions (i.e. answer the selected questions etc.) The instruction was to answer selected problems in the book. Taught since first grade that students should follow instructions, we did so. But, to my surprise, she was even disappointed when she discussed a problem not included in the selected set of problems to be answered. She even argued that we as students should answer the unassigned problems for our own enrichment.

True, I definitely agree. But by doing so, we are doing beyond what is required. In fact, it is considered a waste of time. Next time, she should be firm so that the students will look up to her. But, she expects highly of every student as if we are working like clockwork–without stop. I may sound like a complaining student but I would beg to differ.

Yes, we have a heavy load this semester. But, teachers should also do their part like schedule the exams, assign problems to be answered, and make sure that everything is planned out all through out the semester. By doing so, you could’ve appeared (at least in appearance) an organized teacher. I had this one teacher once. He was exactly what I’d like to become. When he declares something, he would mean it even though circumstances has changed. He would not give short notices because on his part, short notices are really a headache.

My only request is that my other teacher (the subject of my anger tonight) should be firm and decisive with her actions. If she decides to let the students answer only selected problems, she should not assume and expect that students will answer the unassigned problems. After all, we are not psychics who can read minds. How would we know that we should do this if not instructed?

I would argue with you, really. But, it would be a waste of time spitting words in your face. After all, I have no choice.

(wrote this in 15 minutes)




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