Defamation: Just an opinion

It’s offending to hear that by insulting someone can be considered as simple as being “opinionated” or “assertive.”

Defaming or insulting someone is not being opinionated. An opinion, defined as “the view somebody takes about an issue,” requires diligence in choosing the right words to convey the right meaning. Being opinionated means “the lack of willingness to change strongly held views.”

Now, telling someone that he/she is “unintelligent” is not being opinionated. It is an insult to a person. It tantamounts to destroying one’s reputation. It is not, by all means, being opinionated. Let us all remember that opinion is personal take on a certain issue, not a personal attack. Attacking is different from giving a stance towards an issue. It is disheartening. That by destroying one’s reputation, one exercises his/her right to express personal opinion.





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