Thank you, friend.

We’ve been amazing friends ever since we were in first year. You are different. You have a different taste. I liked you.

But, I decided not to end our friendship when I ended the others. Why? Because, I think I still want to be friends with you.

However, just now, I decided that we remain as acquaintances. We were close friends just so you know. That’s how I defined our friendship. I don’t know with you.

After all that had happened, I thank you for our friendship. It was long lived though. But, I think this is the end. I’m not mad that didn’t receive a notification but that gave me a hint that I’m still holding on and you already moved on.

So long, farewell.

“May you succeed in life and be an inspiration to many.”

You were a good friend and I will never forget that. I will treasure our memories and I will forever remember that you became a part of my life.

And here I am, signing off in your life. You’re better off without me, and them of course. I hope you’re happy. May God bless you, your endeavors, and your dreams. I’m always here for you, as an acquaintance and classmate.




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