Dear ___,

It’s 12:55 AM.

I’m bothered with the fact that I’m trying to open myself to you but you’re closing your doors. I adapted. I did so that we can go along together.

It seems that you can’t test friendship by looking at the good times.

The laughter. The secrets. The fun.

Maybe, you’ll see true friendship in the bad times.

The misunderstandings. The differences. The hardships.

Maybe, we are incompatible. Maybe our personalities don’t harmonize. But, I tried to blend in with your jam. I went to your level so that we can be on the same tune.

“Our friendship was not a give-and-take relationship”

However, maybe we are not meant to be friends. You’re selfish. You only think of your self. You think that no one cares about you. I want you to know that there’s a friend right here standing beside you. But, what you did is you ignored that friend and you pushed that person away from you. You were threatened of that person. And that person is me.

We should be partners. But, you isolated yourself and cancelled me out of the equations. I should know. I have the right to know.

Our friendship was not a give-and-take relationship. It was more of a guessing-game relationship. I gave more patience and understanding. Hindi ako nanunumbat. That’s what friends do. They understand each other. They help each other. But, I befriended a selfish person.

You were selfish of your feelings. You think that other people will adjust for you all the time. You think that everyone will understand.

Maybe I’m the selfish person. Baka ako yung nagkulang. Baka ako yung may diperensya. Baka ako yung talagang may problema. Baka nga ako yung walang paki sa nararamdaman ng iba.

But, I’m happy for you. You found friends who will defend you, comfort you, and be with you when you need them.

This is my unsent letter for you.





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