A lot of individuals are suffering from diseases that are incurable. Some diseases, however, are curable, but the body of the person is too weak to recover from the sickness. Let us not put a blind eye to this situation. It is painful for the patient to endure endless treatments and undergo operations. In fact, some drugs prescribed do not cure the disease. Some are just maintenance drugs. Families spend thousands of dollars for medication, hospital bills, doctors fee etc. Some patients are weak due to old age. It is unpractical to continue medication if the body will eventually give up. Some patients, especially the aged, wanted to rest at their own consent. It is easy for the family members to say that they are financially capable. But, some are just blinded about the pain of continued medication. With all these circumstances stated, the Right to die should be given to a person.

On One’s Decision

The right to die is the decision of the patient. The doctors nor the family members should intervene with the dying patient. It is his/her right to decide for his/her life. The decision of a dying person to take his/her own life is to relieve himself/herself from the pains of medication and to reduce hospital expenses. The decision to die may affect the family or carer. Seeing a person die may be heartbreaking but it will be for the patient’s own good. If you were in the dying patient’s shoes, experiencing the pain of the therapies and medications, can you endure it until it all gets better? Can you face the fact that your determination to live is 101 percent, but your body is barely recuperating? The option to die can give the patient the eternal rest he/she deserves.

On Suicide and Murder

As mentioned, the right to choose to die can be given to the person. But it can also be linked to suicide. According to various related literature, suicide is the act of deliberately killing yourself. To put everything within the parameters of the topic, suicide is done by a person who is physically capable of killing himself. With that stated, the main subject of the topic is a dying person. Thus, does a dying person have the physical strength to kill himself/herself? No. Suicide is not considered in this matter.

It is also considered that the right to choose to die is not applicable in all situations. What if the person is unconscious? Can the family decide for the unconscious patient? The answer is yes or no. In my own opinion, there should be a law here in the Philippines that covers the topics of euthanasia, specifically voluntary or as mandated by law.

  • Voluntary Euthanasia – the law should include the right of the person to decide for his or her own life without the interference of the family members, carers, or health care professionals in the decision making. The person should be given a painless death as performed by the healthcare professionals.
  • Mandated by law – if the person is unconscious or cannot bind himself to an agreement, the law should give a required time period before doing euthanasia. For example, in my own opinion, the state shall give every dying and unconscious person 1 month before euthanasia. If he is not conscious after 1 month, the law shall declare euthanasia. The doctor who will perform euthanasia shall be provided by the government. The doctors of the patient are forbidden to interfere with the process due to pity or compassion. If on the contrary that the person is conscious before 1 month, the state shall give discounts and free medical assistance to the person.


Thus, the right to die is also the right to choose. Every person can choose what they like as long as it is not contrary to the law.



One thought on “The Right to Die

  1. I think the right to die needs to be available for everyone. Everyone should be able to get euthanasia if they want it. There’s no reason for a person who finds life unfulfilling to go on living. If we really care for a person, we will admit sometimes life’s not for them.


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